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Intelligent electric IoT system one-stop solution

Publication time:2023/07/26 Reading volume:748 Source: Shenzhen Kechuangqi Technology Co., Ltd.
NB IoT Electric Bicycle Prevention and Control Management System Scheme
NB IoT narrowband IoT is an important branch of the Internet of Things network. The scheme of NB IoT electric bicycle prevention and control management system is to use technologies such as wide area Internet of Things, cloud computing, Big data, GIS, satellite positioning, and NB IoT communication to realize real-time monitoring of electric vehicles, and take the social security management and traffic management Big data analysis of electric vehicles as the core, so as to improve the level of urban comprehensive governance, social security management, and urban intelligent traffic management.
2.1 Vehicle positioning and data acquisition function based on NB IoT
This system uses satellite signals (GPS/Beidou) to obtain positioning data, and transmits the positioning data to the cloud server platform through the NB IoT telecommunications network to achieve the positioning of electric vehicles. The system installs license plates and NB IoT trackers on electric vehicles, and binds them with the vehicle owner's vehicle information, vehicle owner information, license plate number and other information. The vehicle obtains real-time satellite positioning data and uploads it through the NB IoT mobile network, achieving real-time collection of position, distance, speed, time and other information for the vehicle. It also has functions such as vibration alarm, displacement alarm, and power outage alarm.

2.2 Intelligent chapter correction and tracking control function
Through satellite positioning systems and mobile networks, targeted control of violations can be carried out at major intersections, elevated roads, and other locations. Based on the dynamic traffic Big data of electric vehicles, such as multi-dimensional research and judgment of vehicle driving position, speed, running track, road condition data, etc., real-time detection of violations such as red light running, elevated, retrograde, parking violations, so as to effectively dredge traffic and manage electric vehicles.