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Complete Solution for Intelligent Shared Scooter

Publication time:2023/07/06 Reading volume:1352 Source: Shenzhen Kechuangqi Technology Co., Ltd.

1、 Composition of intelligent shared scooter system

1. Shared Scooter: Finger rotation handle, linear speed regulation, linear braking, headlight control, horn control, communication module.

2. Background server: server program and database, remote upgrade lock program, display Big data management such as vehicle power, scooter position, scooter driving track, etc.

3. Background APP management: Scan code to unlock cycling, 3G or 4G module, transmission protocol, Bluetooth module.

4. GPS positioning: high-precision positioning and EPO secondary determination technology, actively uploading positioning, and uploading positioning when the lock is closed.

5. Scooter controller: rated voltage 24V, current limiting protection 10A, 250W motor, single wheel drive sine wave, adjustable 15KM/H.

6. Scooter instrument panel: speed display, mileage display, gear display, power display, fault indication, etc.