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Electric vehicle controllers are damaged and are usually replaced rather than repaired

Publication time:2023/07/19 Reading volume:1370 Source: Shenzhen Kechuangqi Technology Co., Ltd.

Due to the fact that the controller of electric vehicles is often damaged, choosing to repair it will result in the controller becoming unstable after repair and can easily cause problems again, especially if the motor may malfunction, leading to the electric vehicle working hard.

In addition, the maintenance of controllers requires a certain amount of electronic knowledge, and many early automotive repair masters are not good at electronic circuits, making inspection particularly difficult. If the judgment is incorrect, it may also cause some new problems.

Finally, repairing the controller requires a significant amount of manpower and material resources. Compared to its cost, it is relatively uneconomical. Many car repair masters are unwilling to repair it. Additionally, this type of work is so wasteful that it cannot reduce collection, and customers are unwilling to collect more. This is another major contradiction in maintenance.

Therefore, when the electric vehicle controller is damaged, the maintenance supervisor usually chooses to replace it instead of repairing it. Of course, if the wiring of the controller is loose and there are only some minor issues, usually the maintenance supervisor will still solve them for the user.

Finally, there are a few points to remind you that the controller needs to match the motor and battery to maximize its effectiveness and prevent malfunctions caused by mismatches. Also, be careful not to drive in water. Although the controller is waterproof, it is usually not waterproof.